“Resistance is Created by Lack of Clarity”

Without clarity things stagnate, grind to a halt.
You make the wrong choices.
You don’t see all the options.
You don’t understand where you are or where you are going.
What I do brings clarity
Because you can’t see the picture you’re in.
You can take a snapshot, still or moving, and look at it, but you still can’t really see what’s going on overall.
 it’s a sterile moment in time.
 Looking in from the outside I can see much more.
I can discover things you cannot. I can diagnose or appreciate a situation in a way you cannot – and this applies whether you’re an individual or a business.
Once you have clarity, you have options.
Stay where you are options or go somewhere else options.
I will ask you “why would you do that?”
I will ask you “but what if?”
I might get quite annoying, but I will bring you clarity.
About what you’re going to do and why, even if it’s nothing.
So now there’s the big H question.
How are you going to implement and deploy your chosen option?
 I’ll help you get clarity on this as well, because without it you’ll procrastinate, resist and end up doing nothing or something ineffectual.
I’ll help you create a clear plan and develop clear processes to carry it out.
I’ll help you set the right kind of goals and targets on which you can take clear actions.
What I do it’s all about clarity.
Where you are.
Where you want to go and why.
How to get there.
Clarity reveals the most effective way of doing all this without with the least disruption to whatever you’re doing now – until it changes.
The question for you is what price clarity?
And what price the resistance created by its lack?

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