Intermediate Business Consultancy

‘Intermediate’ businesses range from those with more than one solo employee or ‘solopreneur’ to somewhere between200 and 500 team members – it depends on the nature of the enterprise when it becomes a ‘large’ business organisation or a corporate, although the latter tend to be differently constituted to ordinary businesses.

There are six areas of operation in most businesses. Two of these, finance and compliance (including HR and Health and Safety) are usually assisted by highly specialised professional consultants such as accountants and lawyers. The others are where the services of a ‘general practitioner’ consultant is most appropriate. These are

  • business development
  • marketing
  • operations
  • organisation

Just like a medical GP your GP consultant may call on specialists in certain situations and will know who best to call on if and when the need arises.


To discuss what’s best for your needs book a personal call with me.


Without effective marketing you have no business, and marketing is not just advertising and sales as many business owners seem to think. There’s more to it, including

  • marketing strategy
  • the target market
  • your offering and offers
  • the marketing mix
  • marketing tactics
  • advertising and sales
  • customer relations, service and relations

Are you confident you have a good handle on all of this?

If not, I can help you.  Just book a call and we can explore it further


What does your business do? How does it work? What does it produce and provide? There’s a lot to operating a business including among others

  • inputs and outputs
  • tools and equipment including IT and other tech
  • processes and procedures
  • quality and standards
  • cost management
  • business planning

Do you have all these under full control? can you explain what you do as a business to someone else? Is everything documented? And so on.

If not, I can help just book a call and we’ll discuss what I can do for you.


If your business organisation doesn’t work well it’s very easy to see from the outside but quite difficult to realise what is what is happening, or not, from the inside. Your competitors will see this and take advantage, so it’s important you have a good understanding of who does what and when. for example

  • does everyone have cover for absences planned or otherwise?
  • are there key roles only one person is responsible for or able to do?
  • are there  points in the organisation where the flow of information stops?
  • do your departments talk to each other or operate independently?

if you think there may be bottlenecks or areas of vulnerability I can help – just book a call and we’ll talk

Business Development

Many business owners see ‘Business Development’ as just a sales function growing the business by getting more customers or more profitable clients, but there’s more to it.

There are many other ways in which businesses can grow and develop and again its often to see easier to see these opportunities from the outside. What about

  • diversification
  • new products or services
  • enhancements to existing offerings
  • extending into the supply chain

I can help you look at and evaluate the possibilities, just book a call and we’ll talk.