When you engage a consultant, you are bringing in someone from ‘the outside’ with experience of making businesses go faster or work better.

A good consultant doesn’t need direct experience with your specific type of business; the wider the experience they have the better. They will carry out investigations and ‘field work’ as necessary, to advise on what needs to be done to make your business boat ‘go faster’ in the direction you want.

This will result in cost savings and/or performance improvements in any areas for improvement the consultant discovers in their investigations. Some of which you may be aware of, others perhaps not. Of course you can ‘point’ the Consultant at a specific area as a starting point but don’t be surprised if they discover other things in the process.

I can do this for you  – but first we’ll need to talk.

I can’t do much for you if you think your business is perfect or you have everything under control, probably with a team who ensure everything runs smoothly.

Heree’s the test: Can you ‘disappear’ for a month or more confident the business will, in your absence, continue to operate properly and increase the turnover or whatever other measure you use?

if not book a call and we’ll talk.

I have worked as a Consultant with

  • One person businesses
  • Micro businesses and SMEs
  • Corporates
  • Network Marketing businesses

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