Personal Business Consultancy

A ‘personal’ business is one where there is ‘just you’ involved in working both on and in the business.

You may have one or two ‘assistants’, virtual or otherwise, carrying out specific tasks for a few hours a week as ‘contractors’ and you’ll probably have an accountant and perhaps other professionals who provide their services for a fee.

It’s by no means easy running a personal business and it can be really useful to have someone come in and take an objective view of how it’s going. As someone who runs a personal business, I know this is invaluable.

I can help you by having a look at the business or just an in depth discussion. Book a call and we’ll take it from there

Starting a Business?

If you are thinking about starting a business or have done so and are still at ‘square one’ or even less at getting it off the ground, there are a couple of books I’ve written and a ‘Business Vision Workbook’ which may help. These are available HERE

You may also find it useful to look at the PBCS – Personal Business Creation System in The Freedom Academy.


To discuss what’s best for your needs book a personal call with me.

What is a ‘Personal Business’?